Here are answers to the most asked questions about ModePad:

Q: What is ModePad's Launchpad?

ModePad is a decentralized platform on the Mode Blockchain designed to facilitate token sales for projects building on Mode Blockchain, enabling early supporters to participate in project fundraising.

Q: How can I participate in a token sale on ModePad's Launchpad?

To participate in a token sale, users can connect their wallets to the ModePad platform during the specified token sale period, follow the provided instructions, and contribute to the project.

Q: What benefits do projects gain from using ModePad's Launchpad?

ModePad will offer projects a secure and transparent fundraising mechanism, access to a diverse community of supporters, and the ability to leverage various features like fair token distribution and community incentives.

Q: Are there any requirements for participating in token sales on ModePad's Launchpad?

Generally, users need to have a compatible cryptocurrency wallet and assets to contribute during a token sale. Specific requirements may vary for each project, so it's advisable to check the project's guidelines.

Q: What is the process for token distribution after a successful token sale on ModePad?

Token distribution on ModePad is fair and transparent. Participants receive their token allocations based on predetermined rules, ensuring an equitable distribution process

Q: Does ModePad's Launchpad support vesting periods for tokens?

Yes, ModePad may offer projects the option to incorporate vesting periods, promoting a gradual release of tokens for project team members and early investors to prevent immediate sell-offs.

Q: How does ModePad ensure the security of token sales on its Launchpad?

ModePad prioritizes security by implementing smart contract audits and following best practices. Users are encouraged to review project details, including audits, to ensure the security of their contributions.

Q: Can I use tokens acquired on ModePad's Launchpad immediately?

The ability to use tokens immediately may vary based on the project and its specific token utility. Users are advised to check the project's documentation for details on the token utility and any associated vesting periods.

Q: Is KYC (Know Your Customer) required for participating in token sales on ModePad's Launchpad?

Generally, NO! KYC is not required for launchpad participants (i.e. token buyers). KYC will be required for projects intending to be listed on the platform.

Q: How does ModePad support projects post-launch?

ModePad continues to support projects post-launch by facilitating ongoing community engagement, updates, and communication. Projects may also benefit from additional features like the Data and Analytics Dashboard for performance tracking.

Q: Does ModePad have a token?

No! ModePad does not have a token. Beware of scams!

Q: Is ModePad live on Mainnet?

Not yet! ModePad is currently live on Mode network's Dev Mainnet!

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