Project Listing Criteria

At ModePad, we are committed to fostering innovation, transparency, and the success of projects within the blockchain ecosystem.

To ensure the integrity of our platform, we follow a thorough vetting process before listing projects on our Launchpad.

The following criteria are considered during the evaluation process:

  1. Project Viability and Innovation:

    • We prioritize projects that bring innovative and viable solutions to the blockchain space, addressing real-world challenges or introducing novel concepts.

  2. Whitepaper and Documentation:

    • A comprehensive and well-articulated whitepaper is essential. Projects must provide clear documentation detailing their goals, technology, tokenomics, and utility to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of their vision and execution plan.

  3. Team Background and Expertise:

    • We assess the experience and expertise of the project team, seeking a skilled and experienced group with a proven track record in blockchain development or related fields.

  4. Legal Compliance:

    • Projects must adhere to legal requirements, including KYC and AML procedures when necessary, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations.

  5. Security Audits:

    • The security of smart contracts and overall project architecture is of paramount importance. Projects undergo rigorous security audits by reputable third-party firms to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

  6. Tokenomics:

    • We scrutinize the project's tokenomics, evaluating token distribution, vesting schedules, and utility to ensure a well-designed structure that aligns with the project's goals.

  7. Community Engagement:

    • A strong and engaged community is a positive indicator. We assess the project's community size, social media presence, and engagement levels to gauge its potential for success.

  8. Roadmap and Milestones:

    • A clear and achievable roadmap is crucial. Projects must provide a roadmap outlining development milestones, demonstrating a feasible plan for achieving their goals.

  9. Use of Funds:

    • Transparency in fund utilization is a key consideration. Projects are expected to have a clear plan for the allocation and use of funds raised during the token sale.

  10. Partnerships and Collaborations:

    • Existing partnerships with reputable entities in the blockchain industry enhance a project's credibility and may be considered positively during the evaluation.

  11. Market Potential:

    • We evaluate the market potential of the project, considering factors such as target audience, competition, and potential for adoption within the blockchain ecosystem.

  12. Prototype or Minimum Viable Product (MVP):

    • Projects with a working prototype or MVP showcase their commitment and capability to deliver, which can positively influence the evaluation process.

  13. Governance and Community Involvement:

    • Projects embracing decentralized governance and involving the community in decision-making processes are viewed favourably.

It's important to note that meeting these criteria enhances a project's chances of being listed on ModePad, and our commitment is to provide a launchpad that supports projects in achieving their goals and building a strong and engaged community.

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