Highlighted below are ModePad's key features:

  • Token Sale Facilitator: ModePad's Launchpad empowers projects by facilitating token sales, enabling early supporters to acquire tokens at a predetermined price, and serving as a robust fundraising mechanism for project development.

  • Staking and Farming Launchpool: Within ModePad's Launchpool, users can actively participate and contribute to projects, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of liquidity providers and community engagement.

  • Secure and Fool-Proof Token Locker: ModePad's Token Locker functionality ensures secure and controlled token release, promoting responsible distribution and preventing immediate sell-offs.

  • Auto Liquidity: With Auto Liquidity on ModePad, projects benefit from automated liquidity provision, enhancing market stability and liquidity for their native tokens.

  • Data and Analytics Dashboard: ModePad's Data and Analytics Dashboard provides users with insightful tools, empowering them to track project performance and make informed decisions.

  • ModePad Governance Club (A DAO): The ModePad Club, functioning as a governance DAO, allows active community members to participate in decision-making processes, shaping the future development of the platform.

  • Secure Fundraising: ModePad ensures secure fundraising for projects, allowing them to conduct token sales with confidence, raising capital for development and other project expenses.

  • Transparent Token Distribution: ModePad ensures transparent and fair token distribution, adhering to predetermined rules to guarantee that participants receive their allocations equitably.

  • Token Utility Research Reports: ModePad provides comprehensive Token Utility Research Reports, offering insights into the role of the token within the project ecosystem, along with any special features or privileges it may offer.

  • Pre & Post Launch Support Feature Highlight: ModePad extends support to projects, aiding in pre-launch awareness and continuing post-launch with ongoing community engagement, updates, and transparent communication.

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