Participate in a Launchpad

How to Participate in a Launchpad?

With Modepad you can participate in a token launch, in 5 easy steps

Please note, ModePad is currently on Testnet. Only interact with Testnet funds!

Step 1: To participate in a Launchpad event, navigate to

Step 2: Bridge Sepolia ETH to Mode Testnet Work (Optional)

Click "Bridge ETH (Mode)" to bridge Sepolia ETH to Mode's Testnet Network.

If you don't have Sepolia ETH tokens, visit Alchemy Sepolia Faucet or any other reliable faucet to grab some testnet ETH tokens

Step 3: Enter the ModePad App

Click "Launch App" to enter the ModePad Launchpad.

You'll immediately find a host of projects categorized under Live, Upcoming and Ended

  • Live: Projects currently running a launchpad

  • Upcoming: New and coming projects about to launch

  • Ended: Past projects to have conducted a launchpad with relevant event details.

P.S: If you have a project in mind, freely use the search tab to find your project of interest!

Step 4: DYOR - Do Your Own Research! 🕵🏻‍♂️

After selecting a choice project, click "Read More" to find relevant information about a project and details about the project and launchpad event.

ModePad performs initial scrutiny and digging to provide necessary details about projects, building team and audit reports to aid your judgement.

Take advantage of the information provided to assist your research on each project.

Step 5: Participate in a Pad

Once your conviction is set,

  • Connect Your Wallet:

  • Enter the ETH amount you intend to provide:

  • Then, click Buy to execute the transaction

And that's it! 🥳🥳

The amount of tokens proportionate to your ETH value will be sent to your wallet!

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